The Integretz team is a talented, globally-integrated workforce who brings technology projects across the finish line every day.

Get your technology

Make projects go with technically-savvy veteran resources.

We're a US-based company that connects local teams with technology resources around the world, ensuring a rapid response to project demands.

Handle your toolkit with one supercharged relationship.

The list of vendors and contracts to handle even the simplest technology is frequently overwhelming.
We serve as your IT department in a box, focusing every technology concern into one easily-managed relationship.

Ramp up new products with partners who have done it before.

Entering new markets and gaining business efficiencies are always dependent on successful technology partnerships.
We contribute by playing niche project roles or even getting involved as end-to-end delivery partners.

Execute a rescue plan with professionals who won't give up.

Every organization has problem projects with budget overruns, missed deadlines, and lackluster quality.
We have extensive experience working closely with stakeholders to remediate problem projects and get them delivering value.

Race with us

and we’ll win together.

Whether your needs are project -based or ongoing. Let's discuss getting your technology back on track.